Event on 8th March 2018

Are you thinking about starting a side hustle? Is your business idea stuck in your head? Do you want more confidence to get that job, go for that promotion and be comfortable in your skin doing it.

Powerfully Feminine is a workshop forum for women who are looking to define their role in business, home or socially. As life continues to throw it’s curve balls, the ability to adapt, change and move on is not always natural or easy.

Feeling resistance when approaching a new project, job, career or collective like this one is simply not knowing for certain what lies ahead. The secret is to step over the line of fear, confidently with the belief you can handle any obstacle that falls onto your path on the way to getting what you want. No one is forcing you to stay there. If it’s not right for you at this moment in time, your steps may need to be a little smaller, but you need to keep moving forward towards the dream and along the path to your desires and goals.

Do not procrastinate another year, another month, another day. Book your ticket to the Powerfully Feminine Chics in Biz. The workshop where we work through whatever stage you are at, so you walk away inspired to take action. This workshop is being hosted by experts in their field, because they are trained specialist and have done it.

Whilst no one gives you an expert certificate, the title is not handed out or accepted lightly. But you have the opportunity to workshop the ‘stuff’ you need to do in business to be successful, whatever that looks like for you. It’s fun, It’s fast, but business is not easy on your own.

WHEN: International Woman’s Day, Thursday 8th March 2018
TIME: 5.30pn til 10pm
WHERE: Cronulla Golf Club

The Line Up of workshop facilitators include:

Angela Bullock from Firefly LIfecoaching.
An inspiring international personal change management specialist – she makes easy what looks hard. Her extraordinary gift is figuring out how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. And she has hundreds of times over, personal clients through to big business.

Pip Rae is a WordStyler.
A fancy writer that takes the words you use to describe yourself and what you do and transforms them into your 25, 50, 150 word Bio for personal and professional promotion. She encapsulates the person you want to be seen as and the product you want be in your industry by condensing your true essence into defined sentences. She is a memoir writer, story teller, research nut and learning to take engaging photos.

Amanda Hamer is the Brand and Website Genius.
She will help you develop your brand, your purpose, your processes and that webpage. Amanda is a Social Media Specialist and will be sharing her research and insights into the opportunity of online business growth and how your business can ride the wave.

Katrina Bates is your stylist.
Finally, the amazing talent of Katrina Bates will show you how to style yourself to look great, feel amazing and fit in with your business brand. Currently a highly demanded Intimo consultant of which she has reached a Directors level turning over $1million dollars in her business alone, Kat is responsible for the personal development of hundreds of other consultants and building her team to create passive income. Her story is your story, ‘I want what she’s having’. This event gives every women the opportunity to workshop their own content.

Every attendee gets access to online training or information that will help develop their business and the opportunity to meet, share and collaborate with other like minded women.

Only 20 people can buy the opportunity to work with these experts, one on one. If you are serious about stepping through fear and and want to accelerate then this is the collaboration ticket for you.

BREAKOUT VIP tickets are on sale as of the 10th February. With over $1500 in value, you’ll have front row seats that comes with our sponsors power pack with loads of amazing gifts from the collective and sponsors. It includes a one hour consult with all collective in a one on one setting to develop the priorities of your business.

On the 15th February, general admission tickets will be released and are limited due to the nature of this workshop.

Powerfully Feminine is all about finding the right people who will help you make that dream a reality.

Significant community leaders and spokeswomen will be present at the event for you to meet and discuss your ideas with. These women have created their change, continue to inspire others and want to meet you.

An amazing Art Collection has been curated to celebrate the progress women have made in creating opportunities for equality and parity. This exhibition honours those women who sacrificed reputations and opportunities for the generations that were not yet born. They were trailblazers for the women we are today in life, education, relationships, motherhood, in occupation and politically.

Finally, The International Women Day celebration will open up doors beyond your imagination. Don’t procrastinate; Collaborate to Accelerate, Press for Progress and commit to Gender Parity Mindset. This is an event not to be missed.