Kalli Zoe

Blown Away Hairdressing

Kalli is offering a $30 gift voucher with all VIP and Breakout Tickets!

Kalli is an amazingly talented and experienced hairdresser who has turned her established salon into a Low Tox Environmentally Sustainable business that puts her clients wellbeing above all else.

Blown Away Hair Spa is Southern Sydney’s Low Toxin & Holistic Hair and Wellness Centre.

Our aim is to inspire and educate woman that beauty starts within.

Our three key messages combined encapsulate a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness.
1. Mind
2. Body
3. Spirit

The way we have integrated this into Blown Away hair spa is by
1. creating a low toxin environment by using colours that are ammonia free and biodegradable. We Our products are low toxin which means the less products the better, including a whole foods pantry.
2. We have created a safe community feel in the salon which is calming and relaxing.
3. We host monthly wellness classes with guest speakers from all types of holistic and integrative practices where we discuss physical, mental and spiritual health.

We can colour, treat and style our hair and this is fantastic that we have these options to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves which I believe is all part of self love. What I find inspiring  about our mission is that what we believe in is a feeling, a way of being that lasts that little bit longer than a hair appointment.