Angela Bullock

Firefly Lifecoaching

An inspiring international personal change management specialist – she makes easy what looks hard.

Her extraordinary gift is figuring out how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

And she has hundreds of times over, personal clients through to big business.

Firefly Lifecoaching

About Angela Bullock BSc, Certified DreamBuilderCoach + Art of Feminine Presence teacher + Founder of Taming the Monkey Mind Madness.

For over 20 years Angela has worked with women, men, kids, and businesses, helping them realise and step into their power and potential, build their dreams, accelerate their results and self-confidence and create richer, more fun and fulfilling lives. Angela works with both men and women to work through their anxiety, lack of self-belief and help install new confidence within. Angela helps make what feels hard easy with her unique methods of problem-solving, personal growth and mindfulness strategies.

Firefly Lifecoaching can help:
MOTIVATE, INSPIRE and SUPPORT women to increase their self-belief and confidence providing them with the support and tools to step into their fearlessness and create their desired change, Together we work through where you feel overwhelmed, we will release any emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and self-sabotages which may be  are holding you back from living the life you want. We customise strategies and tools to help you get aligned with your passions, purpose and dreams so that you step into living the life you want.

SUPPORT, INSPIRE and TEACH women to give themselves permission to fall back ‘IN LIKE’ with themselves, customising strategies to help overcome anxiety, fear and challenges holding them back. I also love helping women give themselves permission to stop pushing themselves so hard, and to start believing that self-care, self-confidence and self-acceptance is so very possible, without having to do more in order to be worthy of it.

My aim is to help women be Seen for the person they are, Heard for the message they have to deliver to their tribe and create the change they want in their lives.